4 Best Trending Color Palettes for 2021

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Are you in trouble to choosing the perfect color palettes for your home interior?

You have come to the right place. After you read this, you can get a good knowledge of how to use colors correctly in the interior.

Colors are the most common thing that everyone looks for before painting their homes. In that way, many of them hire interior architects to build their homes because it is a new trend nowadays.

However, many of us may not be very good with interior design but this article will help you to create a beautiful space as your an interior designer.

Colour has a quality of easily changing the mood of the interior space. For example, colors can fool the eye to change the size of the room. This is because each color has a different quality to interact with the interior spaces. Also, colors are a way of communicating with our feelings. So that color rules will help you to determine how to put the right color into your rooms.

After you read this, I make sure it is stored in a place that you can easily access.

Okay, Let’s go!

4 Best Trending Color Palettes for 2021 1
[ Color Wheel ]

01. 60-30-10 Color Rule

This is a very basic rule but one of the most important rules we need to know to work with colors. This is because it is the oldest interior design rule and is divided by the percentage of color usage per color scheme.

60% For Main Color

The main colors are red, yellow, and blue on the color wheel. One of the main colors should represent 60% of the color used for the interior space. It can often include walls, floors, and a piece of furniture to make the space with 60%. Otherwise can be used for window treatment such as curtains, blinds, and window frames. The point is, the main color should always be highlighted.

30% For Secondary Color

Next will be the secondary color. Secondary colors are green, purple, and orange, which are made up of a combination of the main colors. Secondary color should not attend more than the main color and only half of it is used. This color palette is a little different but it creates a depth of the design that you never thought possible. It can be used for some furniture pieces But do not forget that this is 30% of the total color combination.

10% For Accent Color

This is the least commonly used color in the color palette. It is one-third of the main color but it is a contrasting color that is different from the main color. It should be used a little amount but much more eye-catchy. Touching with accent colors is a great way to enhance the interior. There are different accent colors, choose your favorite color and decorate your home interior as you like.

Color Palette

You can clearly understand after referring below example.

Using of 60-30-10 rule includes the interior.

  • 60% Main color – Gray
  • 30% Secondary color – Light Blue
  • 10% Accent color – Pink
4 Best Trending Color Palettes for 2021 2
[ Image :interiordesign.lovetoknow.com ]

02. Warm vs. Cool colors

The color wheel has two separate colors, warm colors and cool colors. Usually red, orange, and yellow are introduced as warm colors because they are brighter than the others. The other side shows cool colors like green, blue, and purple. Each color has a different temperature.

The warm color increases the apatite. This is why red tones are often used in the restaurant. And cool colors often provide a relaxing environment for bedrooms. So we can clearly understand that different colors touch our different senses.

So You need to consider the size of the room when choosing a color for applying. For instance, the warm color is not suitable for small rooms because it’s that color reduces the size of a room.

Warm colors are more suitable for dining rooms, reception areas, or entertaining rooms. Because it will affect the feeling of energy and fun.

color palettes

03. Complementary Color Scheme

Complementary colors are the two opposite colors of the color wheel. This is the third rule you can easily apply to design your bedroom or any interior space. That each complementary color combination is perfect for setting up the interiors.

However, this is one of the basic rules that designers often use when using complementary colors.

As well as this color combination is too contrast to the eye even if used a smaller amount. So you can use as many neutral colors as you want to balance this color difference in space.

choose the best colour for interior
[ Image: freshome.com ]

04. Analogous Color Scheme

This is the fourth rule that you can easily apply to the interior. If you have any difficulty with complementary color matching, this analog color scheme is best for you. Because it is so simple to choose.

What is the analogous color scheme?

analogous colors are always shown as three adjacent colors on the color wheel. The analog color is made up of the two colors on either side of the main (primary) color and the same primary color. You can easily identify it by looking at the wheel.

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Simply you have to choose the favorite primary color and select the colors on either side. Easy peasy!

If we’ve missed any color rules, you are free to explore your ideas with us. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. I hope you will really enjoy it when you took the time to read this article.

color palettes
color palettes

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