5 Best Drywall Alternatives for Your Home Interior

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Most of the people try to decorate their homes day by day with new trends. So there are some perfect drywall alternatives available to renovate or redesign your home in 2020.

Walls are the main features that can change the mood of the interior space in a minute. Drywall alternatives may look great and common, but it’s not easier and cheaper material to use.

Anyway, drywalls are a bit difficult to maintain but make the inside look more attractive. If your wall is damaged or badly patched, this is a great idea for you.

So first, you need to decide if you want to install drywall alternatives for the entire wall or cover it with a patch depending on your situation.

In this article, I will give you a fresh idea of drywall alternatives to refresh your home.

01. Wood Planks

5 Best Drywall Alternatives for Your Home Interior 1

This is the most common and current popularity of rustic home decor.  These wood planks give the house a beautiful and rustic feeling without any maintenance issues. It is also cost-effective material and is suitable for country style homes. You can choose from different types of wood and finishes, which will give you a variety for your home. However, you can use this material inside to make the space feel natural.

02. Exposed Bricks and Stones

Bricks and stone are the old classical fashion that never goes out of style. This material gives your home a cool feeling and is also a good option for those who love stone walls.

I really like this drywall alternative because it creates a dry inside and a more comfortable living environment. In addition, the exposed brick walls are affected by your heating bill, depend on the climate.

5 Best Drywall Alternatives for Your Home Interior 2

However, if you’ve ever tried to clean the brick, it is not easy. The maintain of brick walls is more difficult than other drywalls because it is rough and needs just more than a regular dusting to clean every day. But it will be a little easier to clean when you paint the bricks.

03. Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster is pretty easy to install the wall because you just plaster over the drywall. This material is always retained with strong base drywall. Also, the durability of Veneer plaster is better than other drywall alternatives and it is much easier to repair. Wood veneer is a thinner wooden sheet, that can plaster to the entire wall. 

04. Exposed Concrete Block

This is such a modern aesthetic untouched fished drywall material. These concrete blocks can be used across four walls that giving industrials a feel inside the room. However, here I think it is better to use them for one wall of a room because it comes out visually.

Drywall Alternatives

Concrete walls are easy to maintain and do not require additional treatment to clean. But it is a little more expensive than all other alternatives to install. When combined with other elements, this concrete interior has good taste and makes it more natural. Also, this concrete texture is the main feature that adds an awesome look to the inside.  In addition, this drywall alternative is ideal for areas with high moisture that act as a mold and water purifier.

05. Peg Board

Pegboard is a much more creative drywall alternative that adds beauty to the interior. It’s a wooden thick board holding onto the wall by screw holes.  It is something like a DIY craft project for those who love crafts.

Drywall Alternatives
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If you’re remodeling your craft room or a garage, the pegboard is ideal for use. It always works as a tool shelf. So you can use the pegboard to hang some large and heavy tools in your workspace.  To install the pegboard, then only you have to do is screw into the wall panel. After mounting you can paint the screw tops in the same color to make them invisible. Pegboard installation is very easy and it makes the room more attractive. If you have a little kid that drywall alternative is suitable for their rooms.

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refresh your home using best drywall alternatives

So, use these better ideas to redecorate your homes in a creative way. Select one of them to beautify your interior with your style. I hope you will be really happy when you take the time to read this article.

Happy Designing!

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Drywall Alternativves
Drywall Alternativves

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