How to Make a Logo With Zero Design Skills (In 5 Simple Steps)

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How to make a logo!

Everyone loves easy things. When it’s come to logo making, probably, we need to hire someone skilled in logo designing and probably it will cost you a little money. But, the Internet is makes everything so much easier now.

Simply put, now we can use one simple website to make a logo for free by saving you time and money!

But, the big question is, What happens if you don’t have any graphic design skills, is that mean you can’t make something looks-worthy and unique?

That’s not completely true!

You may be not a skilled designer and a tech-savvy person like your little brother. But, this time I got covered you! 😀

Let’s get into creating your first logo following this free guide!


To make a logo for free, we use Canva Logo Maker!

Canva is a free tool that lets you create free logos, social media posts, stories, and much more using pre-designed templates. And it’s not limited to templates. It’s a huge world of free photos, illustrations, and videos, music, and lots more!


Seriously, it helps you in every way, from making your logo to make social media, graphics, presentations, resumes, and even eBooks.

Let’s start the work!

  1. First, Click here to signup for the Canva PRO subscription trial to unlock all premium templates and features for 30 days. (You can access premium logo designs for free!)
  2. Choose one of the professionally designed logo templates to start customizing with Canva.
  3. Add your logo name to your logo template.
  4. Customize your logo with your brand colors and tons of other premium icons and assets.
  5. Download and share your logo!

When you choose an element, any icon, or illustration to be used in your logo, it will be easy to customize with your own brand colors, the size you prefer. With Canva PRO, you can also use your own fonts and brand color to customize and make your logo as you want.

Customize your logo with Canva PRO

Additionally, if you want to continue your Canva PRO plan, it will be $9.95 per month when paid annually or $12.95 for a month or you can cancel your Canva Pro anytime and able to go with the free version.

Finally, Canva is the most popular and easy to use online design tool so far. It makes a huge free platform for non-designers to design anything for free and I hope that you’ll more from it with the Canva PRO subscription for all of your designing purposes!

Happy logo making!

How to Make a Logo
How to Make a Logo
How to Make a Logo

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