How to Make Beautiful Christmas Cards Using Canva (Step-by-Step Guide for Non-Designers)

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Do you need to make beautiful Christmas cards and greeting cards for your friends and family?

This is the time for you to make your own creative Christmas cards for free with Canva. Here’s an easy guide for making beautiful Christmas greeting cards without spending more time.

Canva is a user-friendly online graphic tool that makes it easy for us to do whatever we want. It’s a free design platform for everyone who does not have deep design skills.

So this is a really fun tutorial for everyone that is new to Canva. If you follow alone every step you will create cute Christmas cards in no time.

Let’s get started!

Why We Using Canva to Make Beautiful Christmas Cards

Canva has super-secret features to do a lot of graphic works, especially for Christmas and greeting cards. It has so many classified templates and personalized designs to fit your style.

Christmas Cards

You can choose from millions of free images icons and photos, text, and illustrations on the Canva media library to make your creative Christmas cards for free. But if you enter the Canva pro version, you can use all tools and inclusive stock photos and texts without limitations. It helps to take up your Christmas card design to the next level with less effort.

Not only that, when you get access to the Canva Pro Account you have the chance to create a team of up to 5 members with a single Canva subscription. It only cost 12.99$ per month to get access to premium features for all five accounts.

A Great gift tip: Get a Canva Pro subscription and present it as a Christmas gift to four other loved ones including you. One plan, design together!

How to Make Amazing Christmas Cards with Canva

Working with Canva is not a big challenge for those who have not enough deep designing knowledge. It’s easy to make a graphic work that everyone can use instantly. So how to start a creative design for a Christmas greeting.

I’ll guide you step by step to make them easier. Once you follow them alone you will feel that it is not more complicated than you think. 

  1. First, click here to sign up for a Canva Pro subscription to unlock all the premium features for free use.
  2. Search for Christmas Cards in the Canva template library and choose one of your favorite templates from it. If you want to create your own, get a black page to get started.
  3. Upload your beautiful photos and write your stunning captions into your template.
  4. Then you can complete your Christmas greeting card with amazing Christmas illustrations, stickers, effects, and fonts to customize.
  5. When it’s all over, download and share your beloved Christmas card with your lovelies. 

You’re in! Now it’s your turn!

Once you sign up for Canva Pro Account, there are two ways to start your design in the second step. It depends on your choice. That is,

  • Folded Cards (Portrait / Landscape) or
  • Post Cards
Christmas Cards

When you want to design a folded Cards in a portrait or landscape, you can look for a folded card at the top right of the search bar. Then you can find a Christmas card design in the Canva template library. It has thousands of templates to make a quick design for you. 

Christmas Cards

If you want to make a designed simple Christmas card, type the Christmas card in the search bar at the top. After. You can easily change the colors, effects, illustrations, and fonts with premium features on your design.

Once you have finished your design, download it from any of the file types in your Christmas greeting card.

Easy, Right? Simple as ABC.

So if you are not familiar with Canva, I think you will really love and enjoy it after reading my article. I hope you have a good knowledge of Canva and you now have the key!


So, I would love to give you a small gift idea!

Click here to unlock the Canva Pro team subscription and surprise your loved ones with Canva Pro as a modern gift. Create a card using Canva and put the team invite link on it, and present it! (SHH!)

Now it’s your turn!

Before you leave, don’t miss out to do the surprising thing that I mentioned above!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Cards

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