5 Best Indoor Plants to Decorate Home

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Everyone loves to decorate their home with natural plants. Here are some best indoor plants to decorate the home. Decorate your house with indoor plants, is something unique and it is always a good idea. The most part of the interior design is indoor plants that is a new trend nowadays.

However, is it better to plant trees indoors? It is the most common problem for everyone to have. Yes, why not! it is really a good thing. But we can not put any of the plants into the inside. There are several plants good for indoors.

Also, you should care about this. The plants absorb chemicals and toxins from the air and emit fresh air. But at nighttime, they release less amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

Let’s see how it probably affected to us.

What are the Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Just the important thing you should know about the indoor plants before you placed them. Did you know that plants can improve your health by staying at home?

It’s true! Some of the indoor plants could purify indoor air quality. Have you ever heard before about air purifying plants? This is a special thing you should prefer when you try to decorate your interior with natural plants.

Additionally, they can help to reduce stress and improve the blood pressure and heart rate.

Here are some great plant ideas to decorate your home interior. 

01. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is a very common houseplant and it can easily grow indoors. As well as it should less maintain to grow well. Pothos is not the most powerful air-purifying plant but it has the air purifying quality as well. Not just for that, it is something look so prettier plant to decorate your interiors.  


02. Snake Plant

Oh, the snake! Bit of scared to hear the name. But this is a great plant to grow in your home. Especially in the bedrooms. The snake plant is absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and convert into oxygen. All the time they do that cycle. They improve indoor air quality as you sleep. That is why it best suits bedrooms as well. It helps to stress relief, improve blood pressure and heart rates too.


And it is one of the low maintenance houseplants. In that green stripes can survive the water and light. Because of that, they can go for a week without care.  The snake plant is the best indoor plant to decorate your home.

03. English Ivy

This is one of the houseplants that adds beauty to your loving home. English ivy has a unique shape of leaves and it looks more attractive. When it placed anywhere in the interior, it attracts attention from all the things.


Most people might think it is an outdoor plant. But there’s a special quality. Like other plants, it can help to purify the indoor air quality too. English ivy loves bright lights and dry soil. So don’t forget to keep it sunny! 

04. Aloe Vera

I’m sure, you already know about Aloe is good for health benefits, skincare, and any other treatments. However, did you know that it has its own feature to purify the air? Aloe Vera is a medical plant and it can be used in the interior as well.


This is such a cool plant and very suitable for interior decors. As well as do you know, it is the lucky plant for houses too. It works to absorb airborne compounds from paint or cleaning agents and can also make it easier to treat your sunburns!

05. Spider Plant

Leaves grow like a spider and that is a really awesome plant to decorate your home. Another great option for beginner gardeners to design your own home with a natural look. 


Spider plants can reduce humidity indoors. They add moisture to the air. In that way, you have to be careful before using it, because it can raise your chance of catching a cold or flu. This plant loves indirect sunlight and lots of water. 

Try these cute plants to decorate your own home! If you’re a nature lover, don’t forget to share it with your friends like you.

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Indoor Plants to Decorate Home
Indoor Plants to Decorate Home
Indoor Plants to Decorate Home
Indoor Plants to Decorate Home

40 thoughts on “5 Best Indoor Plants to Decorate Home”

  1. I’ve been wanting to set up a plant shelf outside my window, but I’m not sure which shelf and type of plant to get 🙁 Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Yes, Christian. You can put these plants into the out side also. But the flower pots are really good to the out side because it get more attraction. I think it’s better to mix with green plants, such as English ivy is good for outdoors also. The other thing is, if you try to put that shelf to the outside of window, it is much better to mix with that air purifying plants. Because of that plant is highly contaminated with dirty air and cleans it quickly. Try some of colorful orchids, Kalanchoe ,Anthuriums and gerberas(https://amzn.to/2UN2mpb) to mix with green plants. These flowers also good for interior and exterior too. Check this out for creative plant shelves. https://amzn.to/2AtoBK5. Good luck, Christian!

    2. I am so bad with plants but have managed to keep a few alive. I don’t even know what they’re called, they were given to me as housewarming gifts, but I’ve successfully not killed them yet. I love having plants indoors so these are some great ideas!

  2. I have always loved the look of English Ivy, but I’ve never tried keeping it myself. I did commit recently to growing aloe vera. There are SO many benefits to having fresh aloe on hand, and the plant itself looks really pretty. It’s like the perfect combination!

  3. Sadly I don’t have a green thumb, no matter how hard I try… but I’m very fortunate that my husband does! 😀 He does a wonderful job of keeping plants both inside and outside our home. I agree that it makes the space more beautiful and also freshens the air.

    1. Haha..don’t worry dear, it doesn’t matter. Somehow you are so lucky enough to have your husband be a nature lover. I’m glad my article is here to help you both. Thank you so much for appreciating my work, Katrina!

  4. I’ve just started getting into plants during the quarantine and I’m in love! I would really want an English Ivy! That’s next on my list! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooh this post is my favourite kind. I currently have 10 house plants and can never have enough! Need to get me an Aloe Vera for sure ☺️

  6. Snake plant looks good for decoration purposes but more importantly gives a feeling of freshness. Beside this, my favorite is Pothos Silver Vine Money Plant.

  7. Such insightful information! I have been thinking of starting to add plants into my apartment space. Any recommendations on where to purchase some of the plants suggested?

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