How to Create Instagram Story Templates Using Canva (+20 Free Templates)

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Instagram is one of the best social media that everyone addicted to sharing their photos in day to day life. If you use Instagram Story Templates, it will be very easy for you to upload your story every day.

So, why should we create Instagram stories?

Because, you need to connect with other daily Instagram users by switching your branding, advertising, shooting, sharing your feelings, and various kinds of things that you love to share with them. And also, that the feature is really amazing because it appears in 24 hours that can see in a whole day.

But, how to design the creative templates for someone who doesn’t have any graphic designing skills. Don’t worry.

Canva is for you!

So, let’s see how to design a creative Instagram story without having deep designing skill.

How to create Instagram Story templates using Canva?

Canva is the best online graphic tool that everyone can use for FREE forever. There are so many graphic tools for you to design anything you like. It helps to do, not only Instagram templates, but also social media templates, graphic arts, presentations, resumes, invitations and logo making, and much more!

Canva has great pre-made templates to make a unique and memorable story for you. After you using Canva, I’m sure you feel it is very simple and easy to work with.

However, before you start designing an Instagram story template, you should think about your idea and the purpose of the story that you want to appear. It means that it can be used for some purposes such as advertisements or personal photo stories and others.

So, let’s go ahead!

Follow the guide that will help you to design your unique Instagram story template in your own way. Sometimes you may feel using the same thing that there is nothing new in it. Don’t be late to try the CANVA PRO!

CANVA PRO version is good for you! It comes with many more benefits and tools that will be easy to use for making fresh stories.

Let’s start the work!

  1. First of all, sign up for the Canva PRO subscription trial to unlock every premium templates and features that you have full freedom to design your beautiful stories.
  2. Choose one of the attractive Instagram story templates on the Canva library to design a story with Canva.
  3. Upload your favorite photos and write a creative caption to your template.
  4. Customize your template with colors, effects, and fonts using premium features.
  5. After doing that all changes, download, and share your final Instagram story with your friends!

So, the Canva Instagram story template library has many more templates that easy to do the changes you want. Even better, you can try the Canva Pro, which is 30 days free for you!

Instagram Story Templates

You can choose any type of designed template and then change the images, elements, and fonts as you like.

Instagram Story Templates

Once you finished your story, you can download it as you want. Here are some features, animated options, and file types that make it easy to download your Instagram story template, while you are at Canva PRO!

This is a very easy way to design your beautiful Instagram story using Canva.  If you want to create your own Instagram story, you can choose a blank page that can customize to your liking.

Try to Create Your Own Unique Design Template using Canva Pro

So, if you are trying to create your own unique Instagram story template, I will simply guide you!

Instagram Story Templates

First, you tap the Create a Design tab at the top of the right and select the Instagram story on the window.

Instagram Story Templates

After picking up it, you will see the blank page of the Instagram story template with correct dimensions. Then you have many options to create your own design templates using Canva PRO. You can upload your favorite photos, add some text and elements, music, and videos to make your eye-catchy Instagram story!

Finishing after all the changes, tap the download button and select the file source you wish to download and then share your attractive Instagram story with your loved ones.

If you decided to post something on the Instagram story, don’t be late to sign up for the Canva Pro to create your unique Instagram story templates.

Recently, I’ve designed two of the Canva Instagram Templates pack and you can access those templates from the below links for free. Additionally, I’ve used Canva PRO illustrations for some templates so that you need a Canva PRO account to download that designs.

Don’t worry! Click here to signup for the Canva Pro subscription plan and you are good to go with Premium Templates.

Additionally, If you are interested in Pinterest, read this 10 Free Pinterest Templates for Canva.

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Instagram Story Templates
Instagram Story Templates
Instagram Story Templates
Instagram Story Templates

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    I use Canva a lot to create pins for my blog and now I’m thrilled to learn how to create Insta stories using it as well. Thanks for this!

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    I fell in love with Canva recently as I started using it for Pinterest and it is a really great way of creating templates for any social media platform. I use it for Instagram stories sometimes as well.

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    I have fallen in love with Canva recently and it’s really helped me create good graphics for social media. I am not a graphic design expert but its templates helps me create eye catching stories.

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