5 Best Small Kitchen Table Ideas to Maximize Your Space

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Let’s start to read. Oh, wait! I forgot that you should enjoy a cup of coffee on a small kitchen table while you read this.

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A kitchen is a place where the busiest corner and the messy place of the home during the day. So are you worried about not having enough space in your kitchen? Sometimes you feel trapped and can not enjoy your meal freely at the dining time.

No matter how it is. Because the best option is to use small kitchen tables that make you feel bright. That keeps your mind relaxed and saves your dining space like you never thought possible. So I would like to share with you the ideas of a brilliant small kitchen table to set up the dining space in your home kitchen. However, I know you will truly need one of these for your kitchen to maximize your space.

 01. Folding Table

5 Best Small Kitchen Table Ideas to Maximize Your Space 1

Creating a small folding table is easy to use and can be converted into a store or a shelf. It’s a unique design and comfortable style for the users. This folding table is ideal for those who have a small kitchen area. It’s working as space-saving furniture. In addition, if you use the convertible chairs for this kitchen table is much better to spark up intimate mealtime.

02. Round Cafe table (Space-saving)

Small Kitchen Table

Most commonly rounded and the square-shaped tables are used for the dining area because it takes less space in the kitchen. This small kitchen table is good for using two or one person and it depends on your kitchen space. If only one or two people will sit at the table, you can place it in a corner to free up the floor space.

If more peoples regularly using this kitchen table, a free-shaped design style table is likely to work better. You can clearly understand the right dimensions of the dining table on the following chart.

Seat 2Seat 4

03. Using Tall Tables

From my experience using the tall tables is a good design for those who have less kitchen space. Because the higher table pulls the eye up and creates the illusion that it takes up less space. This is the best designer trick to design a small kitchen space using small tables.

Small Kitchen Table

There are two types of tall tables you can use. One is counter height tables and the other one is a bar height table.

Counter height table – These tables are commonly used as outdoor furniture but it can be used in a small space inside. It’s normal height range is 34” – 36”.

Bar height table – This is also known as pub tables, which range in height from 40″- 42″. If you are trying to buy these tables, you need to check the chairs against your table. Because these two types of seats are different.

04. Island do double duty

Small Kitchen Table

This is the other best option for the small kitchen table that I have done before my project. Creating a counter island is much more helpful than you never had enough space to dining. It can use for preparing your meal and take the meal with the same table. Also on that island gets more attraction to the kitchen area and looks so brilliant. It is very easy to use and saves space too.

05. Expandable and multi-tasking table

What do you think so? It’s awesome! If you regularly do the party in your kitchen, steal this tricky idea. When you have a guest, you can extend the table surprisingly. Other than that makes it smaller to save space when it is not needed.  

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Maximize Your Space Using Small Kitchen Tables

These amazing small kitchen table ideas will help you to maximize your dining space the way you want. Try these cool designs to keep your kitchen interior feel relax and look elegant.

Small Kitchen Table
Small Kitchen Table

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