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Working with mom is the best way to have fun at home. It’s really fun! So, In this pandemic situation, what are the things to do with kids during quarantine?

Mother is the most favorite woman you ever had in the world. As well as mother and daughter bond is not like others. It is an interesting bond. Mom is the best part of the kid’s life. Because the mother is always caring for them and guiding them in the right way in their life. Throughout childhood, she stayed close to them and never allowed to be alone.

Also, these ideas will help you to engage with your little ones during this quarantine. These days you are stuck at home because of this corona outbreak. Anyway, this is the time to work with your kids beyond your busy life. 

Be a good mom for your little kids!

01. Make Creative Crafts

This is a really cool idea for work with your little ones. Why not try your hands to make something new? Craft making is much more interested in kids and it is perfect for brain function. They will have a lot of fun doing many crafts with you. And also this is the way to use your art skills.

Make Creative Crafts

02. Watch Movies 

It’s movie time! Every kid loves to watch a movie with Mom. Find fun and interest movie that will make you both feel enjoy and eliminate laziness.

Find out how to use Netflix here for a better watching experience.

Watch Movies

03. Gardening Together

Indoor gardening is a perfect activity to do with your beloved child. You must teach them that trees are our lives. Tell them the value of planting trees. As a good person, you should always protect trees and teach them to love trees just like your mother. Then they wait for it to grow up with them. Another thing, this is also a good activity in this pandemic situation. Because of indoor planting is much more healthy to your life and protect you so at this corona attack.

Gardening Together

04. Do Exercise Together

If you do the exercises daily, you may healthy day by day. This is good for you and your kids’ health. However, this is more important these days because exercise is meant to protect the coronary virus. Your kid needs to be healthy. Make a little gym at home with your crazy ideas and get fun with your little ones. You can be a super mom!

Do Exercise Together

05. Organize Your Home

When you get stuck at home during quarantine, this is the way you can organize your home well. It is something different experience to your kid also. They will always try to work as a mother. Hah! It is something funny. Tring to organize your home and enjoy with your kids too.

Find more about amazing kitchen organizing tips, It will really useful for great moms! Follow this  Best Kitchen Organizing Tips.

Organize Your Home

06. Cook Something Special

Oh! cooking with mom! what so pretty! Can’t wait to make so delicious food with mom. Every little girl more interested in that because they are always trying to be a mom. They always think mommy’s recipe is the best. This is something really enjoyable activity you can do with your kids during the quarantine.

Cook Something Special

07.  Playing Board Games

This is such a pretty cool activity that you can spend your free time with your lovely kids. Just a little friendly competition? It’s time to play! Be it Ludo, snake and ladders, and some small board games.

Playing Board Games

08. Read Books

Reading a book together is a great way to connect with your child. Tell them stories and make them read better. It helps them to think about new things in their brain. Also, teach them to protect books.

Maybe, it can be a mouse cookie. keep it placed after reading!

Read Books

09. Do a Crazy Photo Shoot

If you suffer from this lazy quarantine period, take a little snapshot with your lovely babies. Try out some bunch of selfies with a crazy pose. That so funny time spend more and more with your little kids. These are the unimaginable memories you can collect at that time. Have great fun with your little cuties! 

Do a Crazy Photo Shoot

10. Canva is Best to Teach

Canva is an online graphic tool that helps you to create catchy and meaningful visual content for free. When you create a graphic for an e-book, posters, presentations, infographics, and even for any printable thing, you can use tons of assets to make it more attractive.

If you have not yet used the Canva, click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial to unlock all of Canva PRO features for free!

Canva is Best to Teach

It comes with two million+ images, 800k+ icons, and illustrations, 700+ fonts, and much more. Moreover, Canva provides amazing teaching tools from classroom collaboration to folders that help you stay organized. To know more about how Canva works, simply read this how to use Canva guide to get started right now.

These are a few of my favorite ideas that I love to work with my mother. Try these things to do with your lovely kids during this quarantine!

Stay safe & be a good mom!

Things to do with Kids During Quarantine
Things to do with Kids During Quarantine

10 thoughts on “10 Things to Do With Kids During Quarantine”

  1. Avatar

    We are definitely getting stir crazy now and have done many of the things on your list. I love the suggestions of a photoshoot, organizing and gardening. Those are some ideas we hadn’t thought of.

  2. Avatar

    Oh wow, I never thought of using Canva tl create material for the kids! I looooove thid idea! Other than that, Disney+ has been a blessing, where they can watch classic Disney movies and series that I used to watch when I was a kid (they have been bringing Duck Tales these days❤️). Great post 💪

    1. Nimalee Chandrasekara

      Oh, really! I also watched these Disney movies when I was little.🙂❤️ Also, the Canva is the super perfect online graphic tool I’ve never seen one before. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Valerie!

    1. Nimalee Chandrasekara

      Wow, great! Work home is fun and free but the boredom at home is really mind-boggling. So Do these fun activities with your loved one. It also relaxes the mind. Thank you for your feedback and good luck with your business!

  3. Avatar

    Love these fun ideas! Reading together and gardening are a #1 thing now. Every week we change our routine so it keeps the kiddos motivated! ☺️

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