Embedding Creativity

It’s amazing what a small space with limited lighting can be turned into if a professional designer gets their hands on it!

Nimalee Chrandrasekara

Interior Architect

Detailed layout plans

We do your furniture arrangement of the plan with dimensions.

Sectional elevations

Get two cross-sections of your building and front, rear and side elevations.

Realistic 3D images

Get accurate representations of a real scene with creating Realistic 3D images with us.

Walkthrough Videos

Get designed a real focus of the layout of your space, providing additional context beyond 3Ds can showcase.

Find out the latest Works we've done!

MinLee Blog

5 Top Interior Design Trends in 2020

Everyone loves to design their own homes in a creative way. So in this article will get some amazing ideas on the interior design trends in 2020. Now a day in the interior design is a new trend in the modern world, to make the interiors very fashionable. We know every designs have the meaning. It comes

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10 Ways to Make A Room Look Bigger

Wondering about how to design your small bedroom look bigger? It is something much more difficult thing to think. So how to make a room look bigger? That’s why you’re here.  Nobody likes to be trapped in a small bedroom when they want to be free. So everyone loves to design their small room looks

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Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

10 Things to Do With Kids During Quarantine

Working with mom is the best way to have fun at home. It’s really fun! So, In this pandemic situation, what are the things to do with kids during quarantine? Mother is the most favorite woman you ever had in the world. As well as mother and daughter bond is not like others. It is

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Nimalee Chandasekara

We are “MinLee Designs” will provide creative interior design for your dream space. We can make your home or any building into a real treat for you. Our primary mission is whatever they imagine we do it that way!

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