How to Make a Room Look Bigger (10 Creative Ways)

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Wondering about how to make a room look bigger? It is something much more difficult thing to think.

So, that’s why you’re here!

Nobody likes to be trapped in a small bedroom when they want to be free. So everyone loves to design their small room looks bigger.

If your bedroom is small, you may be a little embarrassed to design as you like. Here are some tips to help you make a room bigger!

01.Using Paints

This is the main thing that will completely change the look of your bedroom. The color will directly affect the inner mood. So you need to know how to choose the right color combination for your bedroom. If you want to know more about colors, that basic color rules will really help you.

#Hack 01: Paint the Light Colors to The Walls

The bright colors of the room reflect the size of the room. Darker colors are another way of absorbing light, making it smaller and more compact. Normally the full of white color is getting expand the size of the room.

how to make a room look bigger

#Hack 02: Monochromatic Paint

The monochromatic color is the flow of shaded colors that can be used to make the room feel bigger. It is easy to match furniture and fabrics for processing with these shaded colors. So the basic color rules are useful to select the best color for your interior. If you are really interested in painting, don’t forget to read the best designer tricks for picking the perfect color for your home.

how to make a room look bigger

#Hack 03 : Darker Ceiling

This is such a cool technique to trick the eye to looking upward. Sometimes you’re are wondering about that. If you paint the dark color or any color into the ceiling that the eye lifts the up. It gives you the illusion of the height of your ceiling even if you don’t have high ceilings.

how to make a room look bigger

02. Decor and Furniture

Using furniture is the best thing ever you should more consider. Because of too much furniture can be confusing and compacting also the room. Therefore you need to know how to choose the right furniture for your room to look bigger.

#Hack 04: Keep the Low Profile

You will feel the openness of the room that the lower profile furniture arrangement. Generally, the lower furniture can help to make the space bigger because it leaves more open space above.

If you are planning to buy the furniture in your room, try some lower furniture. You can feel it for yourself.

how to make a room look bigger

When the sofa arms, legs, and back of the chairs are the most important thing to keep it lower. It will be important for you to make your room feel bigger. Now a day most people are using Ottomans and beanbags. That is why they use lower furniture in the room. 

Another thing is the use of space-saving furniture. Get a creative way to storage everything. You can keep it simple by folding the blanket into the basket and using bedside cupboards and hanging on the photos instead of resting them on the furniture.

As you know, multifunctional furniture is ideal for small spaces. It is a great way to optimize your space.

If you try to change your home with these new ideas, you can try new furniture from here!

#Hack 05: Using Mirrors Can Do the Wonder

If you’re thinking about how to make the room look bigger, large mirrors are a must. Mirrors are reflecting the natural and artificial light and it gives the illusion that you have more space. You can use a large mirror on the wall or hang small mirrors at eye level.

how to make a room look bigger

Whether placing the mirror near the window is much more effective to reflect the outdoor lighting. It is very important to make a room look bigger and more open feeling.

#Hack 06: Mount Shelves

This is the perfect way to make the room bigger. Using walls to mount shelves is a great way to keep things off the floor. And also it frees up the walking space too. However, keep the color of the shelves must coordinate with the room. It is such decor to mounted above the child’s desk is a great place. It is pretty much to the room also.

how to make a room look bigger

#Hack 07: Smaller Lamps

Light is a simple and powerful tool that can change the mood of the interior. It will be directly affected to change the size of the room. Instead of using a single source light in the middle of the ceiling, try to use some small lamps around the room.

This will draw the eye around the room, exaggerating your sense of space.

how to make a room look bigger

I’m sure you’re wondering about that. It is so simple and more attractive way to fool your eye and make the room bigger. When you use the bedside lamps, you can feel it better. Now it is the perfect way to rearrange your room.

#Hack 08: Use High Drapes

It is good to create a bigger space. Although there are no windows from floor to ceiling, you can still create an illusion of using high drapes. Mount them above the window frame and hang long.

It makes a horizontal effect that the eye upwards. When you hang the drapes don’t forget to let them touch the floor. 

how to make a room look bigger

Most people think the use of dark drapes is much better for the bedrooms. However, it is not suitable for a small room. Because the darker colors get more tight feelings and the room will compact.

You may want to keep the shade from the bright, early morning sun. But the natural light is expanding the size of your room. So you need to use light color drapes in your bedroom.

03. Orientation

There is a good tip to rearrange your room throughout your furniture. When you have a rectangular-shaped room you can organize the best way you want. You can easily change the look of the room.

Sometimes it depends on the angle of your room. The orientation of the room is a way of considering before arranging the furniture. It is much more important to make a room look bigger.

#Hack 09: Emphasize the Vertical

Do you know using horizontal lines will make your space bigger? If you don’t have a large room you can use some tall shelves and using verticle wall texture to emphasizes the vertical space in the room.

Think in this way, if a room is a rectangular shape you can increase the size of the room by placing all the furniture at the same angle. That is the tip for fooling the eye to make the room bigger.

how to make a room look bigger
[ Image : ]

#Hack 10: Emphasize the Horizontal

Sometimes you may confuse to hear that. Don’t think too much. This is something different from others. Have you heard about the horizontal line will appear to look big? For example, someone who wears a horizontally lined t-shirt looks fat.

It is so simple to understand that this is happening here. However, you have to be careful when applying it to the interior.

[ Image : ]

If you use horizontal lines on the wall, the furniture should be placed at opposite angles. Then a small room can feel big. You can clearly understand the below picture.

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These are a few tips for fooling the eyes. But, I hope that now you have a brief idea about what to and how to make a room look bigger with the above ideas and tips.

So, what about your experience? Would love to share your ideas? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Images by Canva Pro.

Make a Room Look Bigger
Make a Room Look Bigger
Make a Room Look Bigger
Make a Room Look BiggerMake a Room Look Bigger
Make a Room Look BiggerMake a Room Look Bigger

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